Manni Queen of Sweden (prettylethal) wrote in indiedesign,
Manni Queen of Sweden

Using Intellectual Property in an Online Portfolio

Hi All,

I was hoping you would have some friendly advice and info about using your work in an online portfolio website.

I have a number of pieces of work that I have done for other companies that use licensed model imagery owned by the company I did the work for while employed by an agency. I was planning on putting a small ©2008 OwningCompany on the bottom to be on the safe side. Before I put anything up, I just want to make sure I am able to use these without getting into any sort of licensing issues. I don't need angry models coming after me.

Also, what are your thoughts on using other pieces that are the intellectual property of another company? There are a number of stationary lines, postcards, T-shirt and apparel designs and more that I have done while employed for a company. While they own all copyright and rights to the image, I did create all images myself digitally and by hand illustration. I went through my company handbook and it doesn't say anything about using work in portfolio, but I did receive numerous verbal confirmations that I am able to have copies of all final digital work and all work produced for use in my portfolio.

Any information and help would be awesome! I don't like lawsuits. Or having to take my website down, cuz it's pretty gorgeous, if I may say so myself.

Thank you so much!!

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